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Door Access

We offer a comprehensive range of Audio and Video Systems that provide a complete package for prospective buyers of door entry equipment. A wide range of accessories allows customers to customise units to suit their specific needs.

Our door entry systems range from modular designs that can be configured to suit any requirements from a simple one way system through to a complex multi entrance digital system with a range of accessories such as video, access control and disability friendly features.

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Special Needs Equipment

A range of equipment designed to help people with disabilities. Also including specially designed equipment to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA).

PABX Systems

PABX units ideally suited to large private homes and small offices. They offer all the facilities normally associated with PABX units such as speed dial, intercom between phones, external telephone line etc. but also include the facility to connect one button door panels.

Access Keypad
Vandal resistant audio entry panel
1 way audio entry kit
Audio  entry  panel

Access Control

Coded access, proximity access and biometric access control are all available in our extensive range. Options for all security levels are catered for with a wide selection of features and designs

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